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We’re a profitable, bootstrapped company with a passion for solving problems and building great products for companies in the digital advertising ecosystem.

We believe there are far too many manual tasks in the process to deliver and report on digital ad campaigns. If that wasn't enough, the teams that are tasked with these responsibilities are severely under-appreciated and underserved from a technology standpoint. Our mission is to change this.

Everyone at Ad Reform works remotely, and we're spread out over three countries. We do our best to create a calm working environment and encourage a diversity of ideas and values.

What are automated ad screenshots?

An ad screenshot is a visual, preview, or receipt of an ad on a website, meant to give confirmation to a client that the ad campaign is live. Often, this is referred to as ad screenshots, tear sheets, campaign screens, or proofs. Whenever a campaign is running, a screenshot needs to be captured on the URLs that the campaign is running on. The requirement for screenshots is given by the advertiser or by the agency on behalf of the advertiser. This typically needs to be done for direct and programmatic campaigns and is incredibly difficult to do manually, especially at the scale of programmatic advertising.

At Ad Reform, we built the industry's first automated ad screenshots tool 6 years ago specifically tailored to the needs of digital advertising professionals. We enable teams to automate their programmatic screenshots while giving them more customization than any other solution so that they can continue to fulfill their client's ever-changing screenshot requirements.

Why should you automate ad screenshots?

When you talk about ad ops, programmatic media buying, or account management, you often think about all the tedious grunt work that typically requires more people to scale. But, if the sole purpose of a business is to be profitable, more people aren’t going to get you there. High-performing organizations are looking to automate these low-level tasks.

Automating ad screenshots saves teams dozens of hours per month. We've found that it saves 10+ minutes per screenshot on average. If time is money, you can save thousands of dollars per month by automating screenshots that are being manually captured by your team. It improves efficiency with high-impact work because people aren't having to constantly context switch to screenshot tasks. Automation also improves your team's morale which improves employee churn.

Automating ad screenshots is a no-brainer.