Pharma promotional screenshots for MLR review

Automatically capture ad frames, landing pages, and ISI (important safety information) for Pharma ads so your MLR review process becomes a breeze.
An automotive co-op screenshot on Facebook that's needed to file a claim for reimbursement of OEM advertising dollars
Upload ads in bulk

Use our web app or API to upload ads in bulk. We support ad tags, VAST, HTML5 ads and staging links.

Capture ad frames

Automatically capture ad frame images at a specific frequency or via change detection. Generate a video recording and gif as well.

Extract specific parts of the ad

Automatically identify and capture a specific section of the ad such as the entire scrolling ISI (Important safety Information) or any custom section you'd like.

The challenge with the MLR review and approval process for Pharma ads

Anyone who has been involved with Pharmaceutical advertising knows how difficult the creative and legal review process can be. This process is called the MLR review process, which stands for medical, legal and regulatory. Agencies must capture screenshots of each frame of the ad and the entire scrolling ISI (important safety information) to put together in a PDF and submit for legal review. Every time a change needs to be made, the agency has to go back through the entire process again with the updated ad. There are often many changes on the ISI because it is so long and so important to be compliant.

Ad Reform automates the most tedious part of this process by allowing you to upload an ad and get all the ad images you need to send for legal review! If you have to update the ad, you just run it right back through Ad Reform and you're done.